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Post Wedding To Do List

Nobody really talks about post wedding to do list but I am here to share the Top 4 items newlyweds should do post your wedding.


1. Send Thank you Cards: This might be a daunting tasks depending on how many gifts you received but it is always a nice gesture to write thank you cards, to your guests who gifted you a gift. They will sure appreciate it.


2. Update Medical & Insurance Benefits: Did you know that you have around 30 days to make to update your medical benefits and insurance after you got married? If not, now you know! Marriage is considered a qualifying life event for medical benefits so review your medical benefits a couple to see if it makes sense to consolidate into one medical plan. P.S there are lots of good discounts when combining so enjoy!


3. Dress Cleaned & Preserved: After all the fun at your wedding your wedding dress might be dirty so the sooner you take it the better. Get it done by a professional cleaner.


4. Last Name Changed: It is common now that brides decide to keep their same last name but if you are going to change it, you can start the process after you come back from your honeymoon. Remember you need a marriage license to do so.


I hope that my Top 4 Post Wedding To Do List helps you remember what to do after your wedding!


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